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Top 6 Apple Gadgets Under Rs 15,000

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If someone is looking for buying some of the Apple Gadgets that are budget-friendly. Then here is the list of the Apple Gadgets that come under rupees 15,000. In this article, the user will get to know about all the details related to the Top 6 Apple Gadgets Under Rs 15,000.

  • Apple AirTag

Apple Airtag costs around Rs 3,190 which is a budget-friendly gadget in the list of Apple Gadgets. It is one of the gadgets that the company launched so that an Apple user can keep the track of the other Apple products with the help of that.

Apple AirTag, Apple, Airtag
Image Credits: Pocket-lint

The users of iPhone 10 and iPhone 11 can develop UWB chips to pinpoint the tracker’s location in real-time and space. On the other hand, the users with the older versions of the iPhone can use the mind my app application for keeping the track of their respective iPhones.

  • Apple 20W Charger

Next comes the Apple 20W Charger that costs around Rs 1,900. As of now, it has become one of the most important gadgets of Apple. Because the iPhones from iPhone SE 2020, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone XS series, iPhone 12 series, and latest iPad models.

Apple 20W Charger

The results suggest that the charger reduces the charging time to a large extent. To use this, a user might require a USB-C charging cable or a MagSafe cable. But both the cables are available with the device only. Only the adapter is not there.

  • Apple MagSafe

The all-new Apple MagSafe costs around Rs 4,500. It is one of the Apple gadgets that makes wireless charging convenient for Apple Users. An apple user can get 5W charging speeds on the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple MagSafe
Image credits: Macworld UK

On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Mini users will get up to 12W charging speeds. The charger is proved to be effective and it also comes with compatible MagSafe cases too.

  • HomePod Mini

It is one of the most effective Apple speakers that rely or works on Siri. It costs around Rs 9,900. A user to use the same has to purchase the subscription of Apple music first. Then only the user can use the same.

Apple iPhone 4s 8GB
Image Credits: Macworld

The device is compatible with the iPhone 11 series and iPhone 12 series. Also, with the help of this, the user can easily shift the user preference playback from the iPhone to the speaker. With this, the gadget also looks cool with the mini equalizer display on the top.

  • MagSafe Battery Pack

The all-new MagSafe battery pack by Apple is the best alternative for a power bank. The gadgets costs around Rs 10,990. The gadget is one of the wireless charger only. It basically connects at the back of an iPhone because of the magnet inside it.

MagSafe Battery Pack
Image Credits: The Verge

Then it automatically charges the iPhone. With this, Apple also claims that for faster charging a user can use a 27W MacBook charger for the iPhone charging. Moreover, if the user needs wireless charging for the other products, the user can purchase 15W of charging speeds provided by plug a Lightning charger into it.

  • Apple AirPods

Next comes the Apple AirPods. The basic Airpods of Apple costs around only Rs 14,900. The best feature is that they automatically get connected with all the Apple products without even pairing with them.

Apple Airpods
Image Credits: My trendy phone

Overall, the functionality of the Airpods is very good. Moreover, it is budget-friendly with eco-friendly.

So, that’s all was the list about the Top 6 Apple Gadgets Under Rs 15,000 that a user can buy.

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