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Tejasswi Prakash First Insta Live Goes Viral After The Bigg Boss, “Tejasswi revelas that Karan Kundra Still has not asked her for marriage”

Now as the season has ended of Bigg Boss 15. From the mid-season, only the Jodi of Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundra was going like the best couple. As everyone knows and the fans of Bigg Boss 15 that the couple got attracted to each other in the mid-season when they were in the Bigg Boss 15 house. And after they’re out of the house the relationship between the two has become stronger.

In the season, when the house members got the chance to talk to their family members at that time also, all the fans saw that the family members on both sides has approved this relationship. Even after coming out from the house once again, the house members of both the contestants have approved their relationship.

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A few days back after the finale finally, both the contestants got live on Insta via official accounts. They both discussed their journey with the fans. On one hand, Karan said that he is sure that he is looking forward to the marriage with Tejasswi. Whereas Tejasswi when was asked about the same was on hold and didn’t discuss much the same.

In the live Tejasswi said that” Aaj kal bohot shaadiyaan ho rahi hai, main khud shocked hoon. Shraddha ne shaadi karli, Mouni ki shaadi ho gayi, Karishma shaadi Kar rahi hai. I was like sabki shaadiyaan ho rahi hai, (Of late everyone’s getting married, I am myself shocked. Shraddha got married, Mouni got married and even Karishma is getting married)”.

With this, Tejasswi also said that “I am so happy for all these girls, I love Shraddha, I love Mouni and obviously, I love, love, love Karishma,” Tejasswi gushed about her fellow female colleagues. She came back to the original question of her and Karan Kundrra’s wedding, saying, “Rahi meri shaadi ki baat, aapke Karan Kundrra has still not asked me”.

She also said that “Sunny (Karan) aaj unke saath hain jin par mujhe shak hai ki vo mujhse zyaada pyaar karte hai jo hai Umar Riaz. Iss baat ka Shaq mujhe ghar ke andar bhi tha ki vo saara time saath mein spend karenge. (Karan is with Umar Riaz and I feel that he loves him more than me. I always had a doubt on them).”

With this, in the live Tejasswi also took a sarcastic statement or a funny statement and said that she never know that Karan might get married to Umar Riaz. Because at the time when Tejasswi was live. Karan on the other hand was chilling out with Umar. Also, in the show, Bigg Boss 15 a strong bond of friendship was shown between Karan and Umar.

Tejasswi Prakash, Karan Kundra, Bigg Boss 15, BB15, Tejran, Instagram, Tejasswi Instagram, Karan, Tejasswi
Image source: Times Of India

Also, everyone knows how the journey of Bigg Boss 15 started on a fiery note with some of the popular faces of Indian television. But after a few weeks, the entertainment part of the show went down, and some of them got eliminated. But both the contestants managed to survive till last through their task performance and outstanding personalities.

Because of Tejasswi’s outstanding performance, she managed to win the show. With this, she made Karan the strongest player in the game along with her. He also managed to last in the show till the last 3.

That’s all was about Tejran, for the latest updates keep visiting our site.



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