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Tejasswi Prakash Exclusive Interview, Declares “Karan Told Her That She Had Destroyed His Career”

Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundra, the love birds of Bigg Boss 15 are becoming one of the most popular couples in the town. Whatever they do everything comes in the media. With this, after swimming the title of Bigg Boss 15 Tejaswwi Prakash also got the opportunity to cast in one of the ost shows of Ekta Kapoor, Naagin 6.

However, the actress, after the Bigg Boss 15 has a very busy schedule but both of them find some time to meet and have some fun time together.

Tejaswwi Prakash in her exclusive live interview spoke about her post related to the Bigg Boss 15 victory. As, everyone, knows she is very busy nowadays due to her new show Naagin 6 along with her love life with Karan Kundra.

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Moreover, the couple has also become the most popular couple in the state. With this, in the interview, it was also shown that Karan was offering black coffee to Tejaswwi so that she is awake in her busy schedule.

In the Interview, Tejasswi was asked whether Karan has won the title of the best boyfriend after Ranveer Singh or not, she said that not only the title that he has also got the title for the insecure.

On this, she added and said “Karan often tells me that he, too, gets surprised by himself as he never thought he’d ever be doing ‘baby’ talks in any relationship. One of his videos is going viral where he is seen asking, ‘Aise baby talk kaun karta hai, main toh abhi nahi karunga,’ and cut to today when he calling me ‘ladoo and baby.’”

To this, she said, “Karan tells me, ‘Mera image pura khrabb hogaya hai, mera angry young man ka image tha, tune mere career ki dhajiya uda di hai, abhi log muje Sunny bulaate hai.’”.

After that, she laughed and said that he is the luckiest woman in the world to have a boyfriend like him. Also, with their love connection, all the fans of both the celebrities agree to this wonderful relationship. Fans are also excited to see their relationship go onto the next level.

Also, in the previous live video of Tejasswi Prakash, she revealed that it looks like Karan Kundra will get married to Umar Riaz because of their so never-ending friendship.

Because when life was going on at that time fans asked her about Karan Kundra and she mentioned that he is not with her and is with Umar Riaz so-called his best friend.

Whereas on the other hand, Umar Riaz in one of the interviews said that, he has no issue with the relationship of both and he will be happy if both of them get married.

That’s all was about the exclusive interview of Tejaswwi Prakash for more updates please visit our site.



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