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Sony SRS-XG500, SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500, Wireless Speakers Launched In India

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On Monday, Sony launched 3 new speakers in India. The speakers are names Sony SRS-XP700, Sony SRS-XP500, and Sony SRS-XG500. This time the speakers are launched with the company’s proprietary Mega Bass for better enhancement. With this, this time the speakers have come up with the Live Sound Mode and a user can also use the same as a Karaoke and as a guitar amplifier. Moreover, all the three speakers “Sony SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500, and the SRS-XG500” have come up with ambient illumination lighting which changes with the mode of the room.

Price of Sony SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500, and SRS-XG500 In India

The price of the first speaker that is a Sony SRS-XP700 is around Rs. 32,990. The second speaker is a Sony SRS-XP500 that comes for Rs. 29,990. The last one is a  Sony SRS-XG500 then it costs around Rs. 32,990. The speakers will go on sale from August 10 in India. Also, the offer suggests that if a person pre-books any of the three speakers then the user can get a Sony F-V120/C microphone worth Rs. 1,490 for free. The pre-booking for the same will go on till August 16. The pre-booking will go live through all the retail stores of Sony and online outlets.

Specifications Of Sony SRS-XP700

The all-new Sony SRS-XP700 comes with a front and rear tweeter. Both of them together provide a surrounded sound that the company calls Omnidirectional Party Sound. The report suggests that the company has used the specially designed drivers on this speaker that comes in a rectangular shape and also with this the traditional circle one also comes to push the efficient amount of air in the speakers.

With this, the speaker also has Sony’s in-house Mega Bass technology by giving out the best bass experience. On the part of connectivity, the user will get a stereo mini-jack, USB Type-A (Play and Charge), microphone input, and guitar input. On the part of Bluetooth connectivity, the speakers support SBC, AAC, and LDAC formats.

Sony SRS-XP700
Source: Sony Asia pacific

With this, it is also suggested that the all-new Sony SRS-XP700 delivers 25 hours of battery backup. The speakers also come with an IPX4-certification for splash resistance. The speakers on the part of dimensions are 313x693x367mm and weigh 16.9 kilograms. A user can connect the same with a Fiestable app. The main feature of the speaker is that supports Ambient Lighting. Moreover, the speaker can be easily connected with a microphone or directly with a guitar to work as an amplifier.

Specifications Of Sony SRS-XP500

The all-new Sony SRS-XP500 is same in the design as the Sony SRS-XP700. But at the same time, the speakers don’t support the company’s Omni Directional Sound. On the part of connectivity, the speakers provide the same support. Which includes Ambient Lighting, Karaoke, and Guitar Input.

Sony SRS-XP500
Source: Sony Asia

In this, a user will get an IPX4-rated body and SBC, AAC, and LDAC codec support. On the part of the battery, the speakers deliver 20 hours battery pack. On the part of the dimensions, the speakers are 460x256x215mm and weigh 5.5 kilograms.

Specifications Of Sony SRS-XG500

The all-new Sony SRS-XG500 comes with a horizontal design. It comes with an IP66 certification. With this, the speakers come with two tweeters and two woofers. But at the same time, the speakers don’t support the Omni Directional Sound that one can get on the SRS-XP700. With this, the speakers also don’t support the USB Play and Charge. but the user will also get a USB Type-A port to playback the audio from a storage device. The user can also use the stereo mini-jack, mic input, or guitar input for the special input cases.

Sony Wireless Speakers SRS-XG500
Source: Mysmartprice

That’s all was about all the three speakers that were launched by Sony on Monday.

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