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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani July 26th Episode Written Update: Anokhi Leaves For Her Exam

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Here is the Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani July 26th Episode Written Update. Telecast on Voot and ColorsTV. The show will have aired by 10 PM. If the user has a premium membership of Voot. Then the user can watch the same on the Voot App 24hrs before the telecast.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani July 26th Episode will start from the scene where the audience will watch that. Anokhi states that she is confused and she can neither leave her marriage nor her exam. At the same time, she also feels helpless. She gets tensed and mentions that if she doesn’t give the exam this year then would fail and then she has to repeat the year. Also, a year of her life will get ruined.

On hearing this, Rama, Anokhi, and Babli worry. Bebo and Kitty at the same time also get excited as they mentioned that now it will become interesting for them to watch the drama. When shagun will ask Anokhi that what she will choose now.

Anokhi, on the other hand, mentions that finally the saberwals accepted her but at the same time a situation has occurred and she wonders that what she should do now. Shaurya on the other side gets excited about the marriage and also requests the priest to hurry up the things related to the same. Shaan also requests the priest to hurry. Then Ramesh comes and introduces himself to Tej.

After that he mentions his profession and then he leaves from there. Then Devi comes and she asks Tej about his change in behavior. She also asks him that if accepted Anokhi as his daughter-in-law. Tej in return mentions that if she has accepted then he has also accepted the same. At the same time, Tej also mentions that they should keep their close so that bahu doesn’t get out of control. Tej mentions that if Anokhi entered the mansion as Bahu then both of them should hide the identity of Bhalla. Devi in return asks him about his plan. But Tej mentions that she has to just wait and watch.

Anokhi on the other hand, mentions that she knows that at first marriage she ran away because she wanted to continue her studies. Also, she wasn’t sure that Shaurya is the right person for her. But at the same time, she mentions that this time it is important for her to focus on both the matters, and also she loves Shaurya also. After that Rama mentions that at a wedding people never forget three things that include wedding, Shagun, food, and drama.

On hearing this Anokhi gets more tensed. Shagun mentions to her that it’s just a piece of paper. But at the same time, Anokhi mentions that for her these are her studies. Kitty and Bebo start criticizing the decoration. Gayathri comes there scolds both of them by mentioning that they both should help their bother in the wedding. Then they both leave from there and also get irritated.

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After that Babli and Rama bring the bride to the mandap. Shaurya notices the tensed face of Anokhi but Aastha mentions that it happens with every girl. Anokhi then starts crying. Shaurya asks her what’s the matter. She mentions the exam. Shaurya advises her not to wait and go and give the exam.

Everyone gets shocked on hearing this but Anokhi gets happy. Devi at the same time asks Pandit for the last auspicious time for today. Pandit mentions that it will till 2:30. Anokhi mentions that the exam starts at 11 and ends at 2:30 but she will complete it and come back by 2. Shaurya mentions that she will reach back to the mandap 30 minutes before and then they can complete the marriage.

After that everyone wishes her the best of luck. Then, Shaurya gifts Anohi a pen for writing the exam. She mentions that this is the best gift for a wife. Shaan then comes and mentions that the car is ready outside.

Anokhi enters into the car with Reema and then both of them start revising. Then she reaches there and when she enters the exam hall everyone gets shocked after seeing her in a wedding dress. Anokhi mentions that if it is wrong to give a paper in this dress. The teacher mentions a no.

Shaurya with few house members waits outside the campus for Anokhi. Shaurya mentions that how can an exam can get preponed without notice. Aastha mentions that she totally agrees with Shaurya. Shaurya mentions that this is a very difficult situation for any student and he will bring this matter in the trustee meeting. Tej standing there listens to this and mentions that there is no need for this.

Precap: In the next episode of Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani the audience will watch that Ahir mentions to house members that she will be 15 minutes late for the marriage as traffic is shown on her route to home. Tej on listening to this mentions that if Anokhi doesn’t reach on time, then this wedding won’t take place and they have to cancel it anyhow.

That’s all was about Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani July 26th Episode Written Update.

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