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Movie Gehraiyaan Review: Know The Reaction Of Audience On The Movie “A Waste Of Time To Spend Two And Half Hours On T.V.”

Gehraiyaan movie was officially released on one of the most famous OTT platforms Amazon Prime Video on 11th February 2022. According to the reports and the rumors, the film got many views but at the same time many haters also. In the film, the four major star cast included  Deepika Padukone, Ananya Panday, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Dhairya Karwa. The director of the movie Shakun Batra also claimed that the movie got mixed reviews.

Gehraiyaan, Deepika Padukone, Sidharth Chaturvedi, Dhreya, Ananya Pandey, Amazon Prime Video
Image source: Hindustan Times

Now, if we talk about the netizens then, it is heard that they didn’t like the movie at all. Now here are some of the tweets about the movie that the audience can see before watching it.

A user on Twitter wrote “#GehraiyaanreviewAfter spending 148 minutes I felt nothing. There were few sparks here and there in the middle that’s it. – @deepikapadukone is good so is @ananyapandayy but @SiddyChats was the best of the lot. Overall it is a major letdown.Boring #GehraiyaanOnPrime.”

One of them also wrote that “#GehraiyaanOnPrime is a very good film, but they haven’t given credit to the star who has ample amount of screen time… ‘The sea waves’. #GehraiyaanReview.”

One of the users wrote  “#Gehraiyaan is all about the word fucking no like seriously every dialogue either starts with it or ends with it….WEIRDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . #GehraiyaanOnPrime #GehraiyaanReview.”

Most of the audience suggests that it was the worst movie scene on Indian Television. A tweet suggests “Ten minutes into gehraiyaan and the critic roshan in me is already making notes. The camera is aloof, distant for an intimate setting and the stylized edit is a bit slapdash. BUT the aargh writing, it needs a fixer upper!!!! #Gehraiyaan #GehraiyaanReview.” A Twitter user wrote, “Can somebody please explain to me the ending of Gehraiyaa…and can anybody tell me what happened in those 2 years after that incident? #GehraiyaanOnPrime #gehraiyan #GehraiyaanReview #Gehraiyaan.”

Basically, now e can talk about what the movie is all about and what the fans didn’t like in the movie. So, first is that movie looks like a 150-minute advertisement that keeps ongoing. It’s basically about the life of two sisters that grow up in different countries and due to some external affairs both of them got divided.

If the main summary of the movie’s title has to be taken out then it can be said that the movie is all about an extra-marital affair. In the movie at the start the childhood of Deepika Padukone and Ananya Pandey. The movie started with the scene of how two sisters from the same family got separated. After that, the scene changed to their adulthood where both the sisters have grown up individually and are living happily with their loved ones.

Gehraiyaan, Deepika Padukone, Sidharth Chaturvedi, Dhreya, Ananya Pandey, Amazon Prime Video
Image source: Times Of India

In the story, the audience will get to know how Deepika after getting separated from her sister at a young age was living a normal life in a middle-class family whereas, on the other hand, Ananya was living a rich life with her boyfriend. After some meetup in the movie, between the two sister’s Deepika and Ananya’s boyfriend started attracting twards each other.

On the other hand, after some days they got into an extramarital affair and their original loved ones didn’t know about their relationship. After some time, in the movie, Deepika left her boyfriend and started dating Ananya’s boyfriend whereas Ananya was unaware of the relationship of her boyfriend with Deepika.

Just before the half an hour where the movie was about to end, in an accident the main character Sidharth Chaturvedi got murdered and everyone got shocked after his death. In the end, Deepika also got to know about the truth of her family that how her mother was having an extramarital affair with Ananya’s father.

So, that’s all was the movie about. “Gehraiyaan”. For more updates please visit our site.



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