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5 Cardio Workouts That Doesn’t Harm the Knees Or Occur The Pain In Knees

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According to the reports of one of the ACE-certified trainers Stephanie Thomas, CPT. It has been suggested that when a person focuses on building strength and flexibility then in many exercises or while the workout. Some of the positions may cause pain to the knees. One of the main causes of knee pains is witnessed to be running. It has been found out that running can cause pain to the knees as it creates joint support for it and also will just keep them inflamed. So, if a person is suffering the same cause. Then there is no need for the person to give up the Cardio Workouts.

It’s just that a person can follow the below-mentioned exercise instead of running or walking for the Cardio part of the workout.

Here is the list of the alternatives for Cardio Workouts

1. Power Walking

Power Walking, cardio workout, cardio alternative
image credits: The weather channel

Stephanie Thomas, CPT says that “Walking is one of my favorite exercises because it helps improve your aerobic fitness and elevates your heart rate, “It is very similar to running but it’s less impact on our joints.”.

Also, it has been suggested that walking is that part of the workout that doesn’t require the equipment. The only requirement is of the person. Simply lace up your sneakers or sports shoes and go.

2. Elliptical

In this also, all the Elliptical provides the same action on the cardiovascular muscles but all the machines are less weight-bearing. The workout is suggested by NASM-certified trainer Jason Williams, CPT.

Elliptical, cardio workout, cardio alternative
Image Credits: Sunny Health and fitness

Also, in this all the time the feet of the person always remain on the paddle that’s the reason that knees are injured less or not injured at all. The trainer also suggests that a person can increase the resistance on an elliptical machine. It will help in elevating the heart rate, calorie-burning, and muscle toning.

3. Jumping Rope

The workout of Jumping rope is not suggested to be one of the gentle workouts but at the same time, it is considered to be one of the better workouts than Running. Also, BB Arrington, NASM-CPT, one of the certified fitness trainers suggests that “one could argue that jumping rope is better for your joints because it takes them through a smaller range of motion,”.

Jumping Rope, cardio workout, cardio alternative
Image Credits: Times Of India

Also, this exercise provides the same amount of burning of calories as in running but in a short span of time.

4. Swimming

So, here comes the best alternative for running which is swimming. If a person has access to a swimming pool. Then it is recommended to go swimming instead of Cardio Workouts. As swimming is considered to be one of the best and gentle exercises.

Swimming, cardio workout, cardio alternative
Image Credits: Olympics

Jason Williams, CPT says that “least amount of stress on the joints, gets the heart rate up, and applies a little bit of resistance,”. Because the exercise has moderate intensity and low impact the exercise is considered to be one of the best for heart disease.

5. Rowing

Exercise with the help of a rowing machine is another type of Cardio Workouts and is also proved to be less weight-bearing than running. Also, it helps in activating the arms and muscles for further workouts.

Rowing, cardio workout, cardio alternative
Image Credits: Quora

But the person needs to keep in mind that rowing allows a person to bend their knees but at the same time with low intensity. Which causes less impact on the legs.

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